9:00AM~9:30AM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Research)

Post Processing of Ranking in Search

Jun Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences

[See Abstract]



9:30AM~10:00AM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Research)

User's examination behavior study on Web and vertical search

Min Zhang, Tsinghua University

[See Abstract]


10:00AM~10:30AM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Research)

Learning from Insufficient Data: Active Learning

Ya Zhang and Wenbin Cai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

[See Abstract]


10:30AM~11:00AM Coffee Break


11:00AM~11:30AM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Industry)

Content Mining in Practice for Microblog Search

Toru Shimizu, Search and Media Science, Yahoo! Japan

[See Abstract]


11:30AM~12:00PM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Industry)

Entity Recommendation and Understanding

Hao Ma, Microsoft Research

[See Abstract]


12:00PM~12:30PM Feb 6th 2015 Invited Talk (Industry)

Toward Personalized Product Search for eCommerce Sites: A Case Study in Yahoo! Taiwan

Yi-An Chen, Yahoo! Taiwan

[See Abstract]

[See Abstract]


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